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Article on “Income, Inheritance and Incentive Legislation Reform”

European Taxation, IBFD, Amsterdam, April 2003

Article on “ECJ: Greek income tax provision is a withholding within the meaning of the Parent-Subsidiary Directive”

European Taxation, IBFD, Amsterdam, February 2002

Contribution in “The International Guide to the Taxation of Sportsmen and Sportswomen”

IBFD, Amsterdam, December 2001

Speech on “Developments in the Jurisprudence of the European Court of Justice on Corporate Income Taxation Center for International Legal Studies”

Salzburg, October 2000

Article on “The Circular on 5% tax on the transfer of non-listed shares: Interpretation and questions”

Naftemporiki, Athens, April 2000

Speech on “Protection of software under Intellectual Property Law”

Conference on Protection of Software in Greek Law, Athens, February 1988

Speech on “Legal protection of software under Greek law”

Eurinfo 88, Athens, 1988

Article on “Corporate Tax in Greece”

Contribution in “The Professional’s Guide to International Tax”, Sethawk Publishing Limited, London, 1994