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Article on “Conditional rebates under Article 102 TFEU”

DEE, Nomiki Bibliothiki, Athens, May 2018

Article on “Shadow economy: It’s society’s turn”

Business Partners, American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, Athens, April 2018

Contribution in “Tax Disputes and Litigation Review”

Author, Law Business Research Ltd, 6th Edition, Athens, 2018

Article on “Criminal Provisions for Tax Evasion. The new approach”

Contribution in the Monthly Newsletter issued by the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises, Athens, January 2018

Article on “Exchange of Information under article 101TFEU”

Contribution to “Cartels” conference organized by Nomiki Bibliothiki, Athens, May 2017

Contribution in “The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Competition Litigation 2017”

Global Legal Group, 9th edition, Athens, 2017

Contribution in “Tax Disputes and Litigation Review”

Co-Author, Law Business Research Ltd, 5th Edition, Athens, 2017