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Annulment of income tax assessment (EUR 1,5 million)

Our tax team challenged before the Dispute Resolution Directorate and the Athens Administrative Court of Appeal a tax assessment, amounting to EUR 1,5 million of tax, issued against a tax payer for deemed income based on bank transfers and deposits. We succeeded in the annulment of the  tax assessment by pleading erroneous application of the law and jurisprudence from the tax authorities

Successful multi-million euro reduction of advance CIT payment

Our tax team successfully advised and represented before the Greek Tax Authorities a leading company in the tobacco industry in a process for reduction of  advance CIT calculated originally on excessive CIT of previous year due to nonrecurring income. Further to our representations and argumentation the Tax Authorities accepted our claim to reduce dramatically the advance CIT by approximately EUR 60M in a well-timed fashion

Speech on “The increasing importance of paralegals in the organization of a contemporary law office”

Conference on "Defining the profession of paralegals in the contemporary legal reality", 3rd Graduation Ceremony of Paralegals, organized by Nomiki Bibliothiki, Athens, July 2018

Speech on “Practices of undertakings holding market power”

Conference on “Competition on the merits. The Dos and Dont's of compliance”, organized by the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises, Athens, June 2018

Speech on “Intel and the future of Article 102TFEU”

10th Imedipa Conference on Competition Law and Policy, organized by IMEDIPA, UCL, QUEEN MARY, Athens, June 2018

Successful pursuit of annulment of multi-million income tax and transfer pricing tax assessments

Our tax litigation team successfully represented a leading pharmaceutical company before the Athens Administrative Court of Appeal and achieved an unprecedented win in a tens of millions income tax and transfer pricing challenge. The Court upheld our arguments on the tax productivity of various types of expenses, including expenses for medical events, while it annulled in total the transfer pricing adjustment and the corresponding transfer pricing fine and ordered refund of the unduly paid tax with interest

Successful court challenge of excessive transfer pricing fines

The tax team successfully represented a high-profile international oil and gas operations company before the Athens Administrative Court of Appeal in a multimillion tax dispute related to imposition of excessive fines following a transfer pricing adjustment. By successfully pleading enforcement of the more favorable penalty principle the Court eliminated the fines

Speech on “Use on New Technologies and Justice – Application of Electronic Justice (e-Justice)”

3rd Corporate Lawyers Forum, organized by Palladian Communications Specialists, Athens, June 2018

Participation in Panel III: “Pathogenic – Development Phenomena”

Conference on “Tax Policy: tools for the selection of the tax system, issues of tax enforcement, pathogenic and development phenomena”, organized by International Fiscal Association, Athens, May 2018

Moderator in Panel I: “Good Tax Governance: Catalyst for Sustainable Development and Incentive for Entrepreneurship”

14th Athens Tax Forum, organized by the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, Athens, April 2018