Efthymia N. Armata

Senior Associate

Efthymia joined Stavropoulos & Partners Law Office in 2012. She specialises in EU and Greek competition law and focuses on day to day compliance issues. In particular, she assists in preparing replies to requests for information regarding sectoral / ad hoc investigations of the Hellenic Competition Commission. She regularly advises on commercial policies, rebate systems and other practices for scrutiny with market dominance restrictions and often reviews practices arising from vertical and horizontal relationships (resale price maintenance, territorial and customer allocation, single branding obligations, parallel trade, MFN clauses, exchange of information, purchase/commercialization agreements). She acts in a number of industries with a particular focus on the food and beverage industry.

In addition, she deals with commercial, EU and consumer law as well as banking and finance/capital markets law focusing on compliance issues and providing daily advice to legal issues covering the aforementioned fields of law. She regularly advises on anti-money laundering law, restrictions arising from capital controls and payment services and scrutinizes commercial practices addressed to consumers (aggressive, misleading commercial practices, warranties, product liability issues, advertising). She often reviews various types of distribution agreements (exclusive/selective/franchise) as well as agency agreements. In addition, she often advises on all aspects of personal data protection and privacy, such as compliance issues with GDPR, data processing notifications, abuse of personal data, unsolicited marketing and spam, drafting of privacy policies. Finally, she has attended an extensive seminar organized by Nomiki Bibliothiki with regards to Data Protection Officer and has been certified as a Data Protection Officer.

Prior to joining Stavropoulos & Partners, Efthymia completed an internship with the European Commission (D.G. Environment/Unit of Sustainable Consumption and Production) where she assisted with the drafting of the Waste Framework Directive by carrying out legal research on EU case law, analysing legal documents and preparing draft opinions to stakeholders. Additionally, she has worked as a legal editor in a competition law network organised under the auspices of the D.G. Competition of the European Commission, where she was responsible for analysing concentration/merger cases issued by the Greek and the Cypriot competition authority.

Efthymia Armata is a very capable legal adviser, with a high expertise on Competition Law issues. Efthymia has a deep knowledge of the market constraints due to our Company’s dominant position into the beer market and she knows extremely well how to protect the Company from potential anti-competitive practices, providing both theoretical and practical cases. Efthymia’ s knowledge and contribution is highly appreciated by the Company.

Client Testimony


Admitted to Bar 2010, Athens

Solicitor of England and Wales (pending) via QLTS scheme: OSCE examination pending

Certified Data Protection Officer by TUV Austria Hellas


University of Athens Law School (LL.B., 2007)

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Faculty of Law (LL.M. in Private International Law, 2008)

University College London, U.K. (LL.M. in International Banking and Finance, 2009)

King's College London, U.K. (MA in EU Competition Law, 2012)

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Faculty of Law, PHD Candidate in Competition Law

Data Protection Officer Seminar organised by Nomiki Bibliothiki





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